Quranic Recitations Collection

A collection of recitations in more than 50 languages, providing recitations of more than 2,300 famous reciters around the world in different narrations through its website and applications.

The project also provides a special version of the application, with all its capabilities, for the visually impaired which works by using voice commands.

The recitations are classified into various narrations, children recitations and special recitations. The advanced search feature allows finding tracks by reciters' name, narrations and surah names. Among the features of this platform is its intuitive and ease of use for the users, and the large number of recitations in high and medium quality suitable to any and all media platforms like radio stations, television channels, websites and applications. The content of the platform is constantly being updated by adding new recitations first-hand, with attention to audio quality by addressing problems in audio files to improve the quality of the provided recitations. The project incorporates the latest software technologies and utilizes fast and powerful servers in various countries, to meet the needs of all users without any hindrance in listening to or accessing recitations. See More

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Application Features

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Recitations Categories

Children recitations

Special recitations


Teaching recitations

Tajweed recitations

Teaching recitations

And more than 10 narrations

Quranic Recitations Collection for the Visually Impaired

Use voice commands to choose the reciter, narration and surah and enjoy a unique experience of listening to recitations

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Project Vision:

Providing the largest and most reliable reference for recitations of the Noble Qur’an on the Internet and smart devices

Project Goals:

Providing a technologically advanced platform dedicated to Quranic recitations that benefits the various segments of society.

The platform should be an integrated and reliable source for recitations, with the ability to continuously add new recitations.

Providing the largest number of recitations of different reciters and various narrations.

Providing the Holy Qur’an with recitations in various types and size.

Providing services to the blind and visually impaired to listen to and memorize the Noble Qur’an.

Availability of the recitations in numerous languages.

Providing free services to developers and programmers of Quran related projects, like providing audio timestamps that can be used to link audio to the Quran text in apps and websites.

Quranic projects


The collection of our best Quranic applications with numerous supported languages is listed below for your reference. All you have to do is to click on the app icon to download it for free. The list is constantly updated with our new apps. Kindly share this page to partake in the rewards by Allah SWT.

  • Comprehensive Quranic Recitations

    The largest online platform of Quranic recitations, providing recitations of more than 2,200 famous readers

  • Mushaf Makkah

    One of the masterpieces of luxurious Quran applications, it includes 35 interpretations and more than 100 recitations by great reciters

  • Multi Language Quran

    A Qur’an app with reliable translations of the meanings of the Noble Qur’an in various languages, and audio translations

  • Quran Nastaleeq

    The authentic Quran Nastaleeq app offers the Holy Quran written in Nastaleeq script (Indo-Pak script)

  • Noor International Quran App

    An advanced application for translations of the meanings of the Qur’an in: English, French, European Spanish, and Spanish Latin, easy to use, with feature rich interface

  • Minshawi Quran App

    Recitations of Sheikh "Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi" without the need to connect to the Internet

  • Qiyam Quran App

    An easy-to-use application that helps to read the the Quran with automatic scrolling of the pages

  • al Hamd Quran App

    An application for the Noble Qur’an with an interpretation book, recitations and a set of integrated services in an elegant and distinctive design

  • al Haramain Quran App

    An elegant electronic Qur’an containing a reliable collection of tafseer and translations of meanings of the Quran, accompanied by recitations of the most famous reciters of the world

  • Amharic Quran App

    Reliable translation of the meanings of the Holy Qur’an in the Amharic language, with recitation and audio translation

  • Quran Word Add-in

    Searching for verses of the Noble Qur’an and their translations, and inserting them in Word files